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Optimizing Communications for Direct to Home (DTH)

Xicom HPA for DTH uplink applications

High power amplifiers are a critical component in DTH uplinks. Amplifiers affect link performance, and are one of the major factors involved in determining availability, installation and operational costs. Xicom Technology understands that you need the most cost-effective and reliable solution that provides the flexibility to grow your business. We are the DTH uplink amplifier provider of choice in North America and the leading outdoor traveling wave tube amplifier (TWTA) supplier worldwide. TWTA solutions reduce the cost to purchase, install, operate and maintain the HPAs by over 75% when compared to indoor klystron power amplifiers (KPAs). We offer industry-leading high power outdoor packaged TWTA systems in C-, Ku-, DBS- and Ka-Band.

Reducing System Cost and Complexity

TWTAs can simultaneously transmit multiple carriers, taking the place of multiple KPAs. Multi-carrier operation with a single HPA can dramatically reduce your installation and replacement costs. For example, a DTH provider with four channels to transmit can multiplex these with a 1+1 TWTA solution, requiring only two HPAs, compared with four online amplifiers and at least one spare for a klystron approach. Benefits include:

  • Eliminating the need for multiplexers and simplified switching systems.
  • Reducing HPA power consumption by ~90% due to the reduced number of HPAs required and TWTA efficiency.
  • Reducing the size and cost of the emergency backup generator.
  • Eliminating the need for a fast channel changer for the backup HPA, since transmit frequencies are changed on a TWTA by changing its input frequency.

High power outdoor TWTAs enable system operators to mount the HPA at the antenna. Moving the HPAs from the transmission room to the antenna provides additional benefits:

  • Eliminates long waveguide runs between the transmission room and antenna along with their associated RF losses.
  • Reduces space requirements in the transmission room facility.
  • Reduces air conditioning costs by eliminating a significant portion of the thermal dissipation in the transmission room.

Flexibility for the Future

Expanding a DTH network using TWTAs is easy compared to a KPA approach. Carriers can be added without installing additional amplifiers as long as the system operates within the power and linearity requirements of the TWTA. This method is more flexible than the traditional approach of adding a new KPA for each added carrier. And, it provides flexibility in the link for changes in power and linearity requirements per channel as the transmission standards change. Maximizing this TWTA advantage, we offer the highest output power TWTAs in the industry, with up to 1250W at Ku-Band, 750W at DBS-Band, and 500W at Ka-Band. Since you operate these links for decades, we offer TWTAs with multiple sources of tubes, thus reducing dependence on a single tube supplier. Our TWTAs are available with options for extended bandwidth, Ethernet interface, predistortion linearizers, and integrated L-band BUCs.

The business case for our outdoor TWTAs in DTH uplinks is compelling. DTH providers benefit from a reliable solution offering reduced costs, lower electricity consumption and a reduction in facilities and ancillary equipment costs. Our long history of technology leadership in high power outdoor TWTAs for satellite communications and our outstanding record for reliability will help build your business and we will be there to support you in the future.

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