Xicom Technology SatCom Redundancy Systems
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SatCom Redundancy Systems

Xicom HPA for Satellite Communications

The array of redundancy systems available from Comtech Xicom Technology has grown with new customer requirements and the introduction of new redundancy control approaches. Xicom redundancy systems can be configured for both rack-mount and antenna-mount operation.

For amplifier redundancy switching, the redundancy function can be located in the amplifiers or a separate controller. Amplifiers can accommodate simple systems while separate controllers are required for more complex systems. Irrespective of where the redundancy or switching decision is made, the decision is dependent on the status of the amplifiers. All Xicom systems rely on summary fault signals via hardware for amplifier status i.e. summary fault relay contacts, as it provides the most robust and quickest way to do the automatic switching. Additional amplifier monitor and control is communicated between amplifiers, and controllers if required, via serial or Ethernet communications.

Single Thread Systems:

  • Single Thread with Load Switch
  • Single Thread with Polarization Switch
  • Single Thread with Load and Polarization Switch

1:1 Systems:

  • Basic 1:1 System
  • 1:1 System with Ganged Input Switch
  • 1:1 System with Independent Input Switch
  • 1:1 System with dual Pol Output and 2 HPA Load Switches
  • 1:1 System with Load and Pol Switch
  • 1:1 System with dual Pol Output and Load Switches

1+1 Systems:

  • 1+1 Hybrid System
  • 1+1 Hybrid System with Load Switch
  • 1+1 Hybrid System with Pol Switch
  • 1+1 Hybrid System with HPA and Output Load Switches (“Magic-T” system)
  • 1+1 Hybrid Switch-around System
  • 1+1 VPC System

1:2 Systems:

  • Standard 1:2 System
  • 1:2 System with Hybrid
  • 1:2 System with Load Switches
  • 1:2 System with Active Standby
  • 1:2 System with Active Standby (Balanced for Ka-Band)
  • 1:2 System with Active Standby and Load Switches

1:N Systems:

  • Basic 1:3 System
  • Basic 1:4 System

Continuous Power Systems:

  • 4 Way Continuous Power System


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