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Industry-Leading GaN Puma Products

Designed for fixed and transportable terminals needing high power density with high efficiency in challenging environments, Pumas are flexible, high-performance, AC-powered, antenna-mount outdoor SSPAs/BUCs that offer many features and options including internal L-band BUCs, internal LO reference, extensive data logging, easy-to-use web-based GUI, ethernet SNMP (v1 or v3), and a wide range of available power combined and redundancy systems. 

These Puma SSPAs provide high performance and high linear power density for the most demanding satcom terminal applications.


The new product line includes the Puma 200X (100 Watt linear X-band), Puma 300X (150 Watt linear X-band), Puma 400X (200 Watt linear X-band); the Puma 400Ku (200 Watt linear Ku-band); the Puma 80Ka (40 Watt linear Ka-band), and Puma 120Ka (60 Watt linear Ka-band), each weighing between 15 and 50 lbs. These powerful Puma SSPAs come with optional internal L-band BUCs, including a range of single and multi-band BUC options for the 27.5 to 31.0 GHz Ka-band. They also incorporate internal redundancy switching, provide extensive attenuation control, data logging and web GUI availability, and optional internal frequency reference.

Product Features and Options

ModelBandFrequency (GHz)Power (W)Linear Power (W)Size (inches)wxlxhWeight (lbs)Amp Data Sheet
Puma 200XX-band7.9-8.420010010.5 x 17 x 6.832Download PDF
Puma 300XX-band7.9-8.430015010.5 x 17 x 6.832Download PDF
Puma 400XX-band7.9-8.440020014 x 19 x 858Download PDF
Puma 400KKu-band13.75-14.540020014 x 19 x 858Download PDF
Puma 60KaKa-band27.5-306030TBDTBDRequest Data Sheet
Puma 120KaKa-band27.5-301206010.3 x 18 x 734Download PDF

"If you need a sleek, powerful SSPA or BUC to speed up your transportable terminal -- you need a Puma!"

White Paper: New Linear GaN Amplifiers are Powerful and Efficient

The transformation of solid-state amplifiers for satellite communication systems from use of Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) transistors to Gallium Nitride (GaN) transistors has occurred at an astonishing rate. Not long ago nearly all comms SSPAs were built using GaAs technology, and now it would be hard to find a recently developed satcom SSPA that was not built using GaN.

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