Airborne GaN Falcon BUCs

Designed for airborne satcom systems needing high power density with high efficiency, Falcons are high-performance, in-cabin and cabin-exterior SSPAs/BUCs certified to DO-160 and MIL-STD-810 requirements. These Falcon BUCs, provide extensive data logging, very high reliability, attenuation control and full calibration capability. Available in both Ku-band and Ka-band, Falcon BUCs provide high performance and high linear power density for the demanding airborne satcom applications. These SSPAs are:

  • Powerful – 20W to 50W linear power
  • Lightweight  -14lb to 20 lb
  • Compact – ARINC package
  • Reliable – Certified to DO-160 Category A1 to F2
  • Flexible – Options for multiple Ka-bands and switched BUCs, extensive attenuation control and calibration capability
High reliability in-cabin and cabin exterior airborne solutions

Falcon 100 100W Ku-band GaN Airborne Cabin Internal Solid State Amplifier

20W to 50W linear power in ARINC package

The new Falcon product line includes Falcon 100Ku (50W linear Ku-band), Falcon 40Ka (20W linear Ka-band), and 50Ka (25W linear Ka-band), each in an ARINC package weighing under 20 lbs. Xicom designs Falcon SSPAs to support DO-160 compliant requirements from category A1 to F2. The high efficiency technology and advanced packaging techniques used enable industry-leading products that meet the tough environments of airborne applications.  These powerful Falcon SSPAs are offered with a range of single band Ku or Ka and multi-band BUC options in the 27.5 to 31.0 GHz Ka-band. They also incorporate extensive attenuation control, data logging and web GUI availability, and run on 50 MHz frequency reference.

"Realtime inflight communications has become a necessity If you need a powerful, reliable HPA to make your airborne satcom terminal fly – you need a Falcon!"

Airborne HPAs
ModelBandFrequency (GHz)TWT Power (W)Flange Power (W)Size (inches)wxlxhWeight (lbs)Amp Data SheetBUC Data Sheet
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