Known worldwide for dependability and long life, our antenna-mounted Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs) are designed for the most rugged outdoor operational requirements. They eliminate the need for a separate amplifier shelter, reduces the distance between amplifier and antenna feed horn eliminating long waveguide runs, and with forced air cooling allows reliable operation over extended temperature ranges.

Liquid cooling is available across the high-power end of the amplifier product-line, including: the 1250W Ku-band and DBS-band products, all 750W products, and the 500W and 250W Ka-band amplifiers. Reference cooling systems have been developed, and Xicom engineers are available to assist customers understand and specify liquid cooling systems that are the ideal solution for their satcom uplink requirements.

Broad spectrum of SuperCool™ liquid-cooled products

From C-band to V-band all high power outdoor TWTAs are available with liquid cooling.

Benefits of liquid cooling

The SuperCoolTM family of amplifiers has many practical advantages over traditional air-cooled amplifiers including reduced heat load in hubs; flexible and more compact installation; ease of service and maintenance; higher reliability; ambient noise reduction; and gain stability over ambient temperature.

The new Comtech Xicom design incorporates integrated cooling channels in the amplifier baseplate, external to the sealed high voltage and RF circuitry compartment, with drip-free connections. Elimination of the need for air flow provision dramatically simplifies hub layout and design and provides more space for maintenance operations and additional equipment.

ModelBandFrequency (GHz)TWT Power (W)Flange Power (W)Size (inches)wxlxhWeight (lbs)Amp Data SheetBUC Data Sheet
XTDL-750CC-band5.7 to 6.42575065012.75x21.5x12.1375Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-750CC-band5.85 to 6.42575065012.75x21.5x12.1375Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-750CC-band5.85 to 6.6575065012.75x21.5x12.1375Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-750CC-band5.85 to 6.72575065012.75x21.5x12.1375Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-750CC-band5.85 to 7.02575065012.75x21.5x12.1375Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-750CC-band6.75-7.02575065012.75x21.5x12.1375Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-750XX-band7.9 to 8.475065012.75x21.5x12.1375Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-750X-low PIMX-band7.9 to 8.475065012.75x21.5x12.1375Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-750KKu-band12.75-13.2575065012.75x21.5x12.1375Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-750KKu-band12.75-14.575065012.75x21.5x12.1375Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-750KKu-band12.75-14.875065012.75x21.5x12.1375Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-750KKu-band13.75-14.575065012.75x21.5x12.1375Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-750KKu-band13.75-14.875065012.75x21.5x12.1375Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-1250KHEKu-band13.75-14.5125067512.75x21.5x11.081Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-1250KHEKu-band12.75-14.5125067512.75x21.5x11.081Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-750DBSDBS-band17.3-18.175065012.75x21.5x11.075Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-750DBSDBS-band17.3-18.475065012.75x21.5x11.075Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-250KaLKa-band27.5-3025010010.25x20x9.548Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-250KaLKa-band27.5-3125010010.25x20x9.548Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-250KaLKa-band30-3125010010.25x20x9.548Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-250KaKa-band30-3125022010.25x20x9.548Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-250KaKa-band27.5-3025021510.25x20x9.548Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-250KaKa-band27.5-3125021510.25x20x9.548Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-500KaLKa-band27.5-3050022510.25x22.25x9.558Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-500KaLKa-band27-3150022510.25x22.25x9.558Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-500KaKa-band27.5-3050041510.25x22.25x9.558Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-500KaKa-band27-3150041510.25x22.25x9.558Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-550KaLKa-band27.5-3055024010.25x22.25x9.558Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTDL-650KaKa-band27.5-3065028010.25x22.25x9.558Download PDFContact Factory
XTDL-750KaLKa-band27-3175032510.25x20.06x9.558Download PDFContact Factory
XTDL-250QVV-band47.2-51.42508010.3X20X1158Download PDFContact Factory

"Gateway and teleport customers are electing liquid cooling to ease maintenance and save air conditioning expenses. Liquid cooling allows the user to easily remove heat from the amplifiers and dissipate it in a more desirable location. It enables amplifiers to be mounted near the feed without worry about air flow or maintenance."

Liquid Cooled
Liquid Cooling for HPAs

New liquid cooling simplifies design and eliminates operational and cooling complications for hub-mount systems.

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