Outdoor Multi-Band TWTAs

Multi-Band TWT Amplifiers Xicom is the world leader for multi-band amplifiers. Deployed throughout the world, Xicom dual-band and tri-band high power amplifiers are widely used in commercial and military applications. C-band, X-band and Ku-band available in one amplifier Xicom XTD-450T is an example of a versatile 450W amplifier. Your application may require different spacecraft in …

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Liquid-Cooled TWTAs

Known worldwide for dependability and long life, our antenna-mounted Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs) are designed for the most rugged outdoor operational requirements. They eliminate the need for a separate amplifier shelter, reduces the distance between amplifier and antenna feed horn eliminating long waveguide runs, and with forced air cooling allows reliable operation over extended …

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Air-Cooled TWTAs

Antenna-Mounted Air-Cooled TWTAs Xicom is the world leader in innovative TWTA design. Xicom’s outdoor antenna mounted TWTAs are known worldwide for their reliable operation and long life. Acclaimed for their compact and highly efficient design, Xicom’s antenna-mount amplifiers dramatically reduce both installation and operation costs. Products span C-band to V-band with high power and efficiency. …

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