International Distribution

Our wide range of products from TWTAs, SSPAs and BUCs are also available through our first-rate International Distribution partners.

Asia-Pacific Region

Country Partner Company Contact Phone Email Website
Australia Lumina Broadcast Systems Australia Mr. Peter Warren +61 (2) 9113 0720
China and Hong Kong Wellbe Communication Technology Ltd. Mr. Benjamin Wong +(86) 010-6518-6281
Japan Midoriya Electric Co. Ltd. Mr. Y. Sato +(81) 3-5200-4613
Japan Rikei Corporation Mr. Hiro Koganemaru +(81) 3-3345-2182
South Korea NewEdge Corporation Mr. Yun-Ju Lee +82-2-541-7937
New Zealand Gencom Technology Limited Mr. Mark Simpson +(64) 21 384911
Taiwan Double Advance Technology Mr. Benjamin Lin +(886) 2-2596-0696

Europe, Africa and Middle East

Country Partner Company Contact Phone Email Website
Europe UR Holding S.P.A. Stefan Haas +39 02 4840 1580
Middle East Tradecom Inc. DBA Infolink Mr. Nabil Abi Habib +(961) 1 877405
Russia OOO Satelink Mr. Alexander Marchenko +7 926 980 2471
Turkey PROFEN Communication Technologies and Services, Inc. Mr. Ilgar Aliyev +(90) 212-210-2770

Latin America

Country Partner Company Contact Phone Email Website
Argentina Global Telecom Solutions LLC Mr. Juan Gonzalez 778-697-8404
Argentina Technology Group S.R.L. Mr. Alejandro Russo +(54) 11-4742-2658
Brazil Beta Telecom Mr. Helcio Aranha +(55) 12-3941-5054
Brazil HBC Telecom Mr. Wilson Harada +55-11-3262-3039
Brazil Master Servicos e Comercio Ltda Marcelo Zanoni + (55) (11) 3461 2660
Brazil WHC Engenharia Mr. Carlos Nogueira +(55) 12-3224-1096
Chile Totaltel SA Ltd Mr. Jose Chadwick +(56) 2-244-4100
Mexico Xelsystems SAPI de CV Mr. Luis Enrique Gonzalez Casiano +55 (1) 55 2285 5551
Peru Video Broadcast S.A. Mr. Raul Soriano +(51) 9981 33956
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