Utility Description Product Application Download
UDP Monitor Tracks all UDP-enabled Xicom units on the same subnet. Offers basic functionality such as, W/G switch control, Gain control, Transmit mode, Fault & Alarm status, and network configuration parameters. All Xicom products with an Ethernet interface.
w1for1 Polls and controls a standard 1:1 redundant systems Legacy Xicom amplifiers.
w1for2 Polls and controls a standard 1:2 redundant systems Legacy Xicom amplifiers.
wRemote Provides a remote front panel to amps and single-amp outdoor controllers. Legacy Xicom amplifiers running Octagon M&Cs.
xDrive Generic Xicom packet driver. Useful for sending specific commands or for debugging communications. All Xicom products
xPro An updated (better) replacement for Xdrive. All Xicom products
HPA Control Provides remote monitor and control functions for Xicom amplifiers. Operates over either serial (RS-232/485) or Ethernet interfaces All Xicom Amplifiers designed since 2005.
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