Rack-Mount Touch Screen Controller

Comtech Xicom Technology’s new generation of XTCT rack-mount controllers provide an easy to use, intuitive touch screen interface for monitoring and controlling outdoor amplifiers (ODUs). The new touch screen front panel displays the HPA’s operational status, including power output and temperature, graphical displays of parameter trend analysis, and event logs. Local and remote diagnostics can also be easily performed via an Ethernet interface.

This new display eliminates the need for a separate external controller to control multiple HPAs for common architectures (TWTAs or SSPAs). All operational data is saved within the amplifier’s non-volatile memory, providing a complete history of the HPA in the event that the unit needs service or repair.

The XTCT controller is housed in a 3RU, 19-inch rack unit and can be configured for controlling a single amplifier or multiple amplifiers in a 1:N redundancy system.

The use of Ethernet technology means that additional HPAs and switches can be controlled to meet individual customer’s requirements.

Touch Screen Featues

  • Intuitive Set-Up, Control and Monitoring
  • System Configuration and Control
  • TWTA Performance Data and Event Logging
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Web Page Interface

Rear Panel Connectors

  • Redundant AC Power Entries
  • Ethernet Connector (RJ-45)
  • UPC Connector (CONXALL Connector)
  • COM 1 DE-9 (RS232) –
    Re-programming Connector
  • Ground Stud

System Configuration Options

  • Single/Multiple Amplifier Remote Operation
  • 1:N Redundancy
  • Load Switching
  • Phased/Frequency Combined Systems
  • Uplink Power Control

Xicom Support

  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Service Centers Worldwide

Rack-Mount Touch Screen Controller

Touch Screen Control Overview

Five easily accessible screens provide monitor and control of a multiple TWTA system, the TWTA operation, display of TWTA event logging data, TWTA performance data, and setup of the TWTA configuration including system mode.

Each screen features a common summary display at the top which provides the critical TWTA status information and TWTA output power level at a glance.

Setting of TWTA parameters such as output power and attenuation is a two-handed operation to prevent accidental changes. To make adjustments, select the parameter to adjust with one hand while turning the adjust control with the other. Unwanted screen operation can also be prevented with a screen lock feature.

The Events and Trends screens provide access to logged status and performance data over the life of a TWTA without the need to download the data to a PC or laptop. The logging feature can accommodate 14 years of data.

The controller can be reconfigured for different system requirements without hardware changes. New system configurations can be uploaded to meet new applications not previously accommodated.

Table 1

Competitor Ku-Band 2500W SSPA CXTI 8 Way TWTA CPS (with XTD-750KHE) CXTI CPS TWTA Advantage
Linear Power (dBm) 60.5 62.5
Linear Power (W) 1122 1778 58% more linear power!
Weight (lbs) 1320 473 64% less weight!
Size (inches) 81 | 63 | 47 60 | 38 | 28
Volume (cubic inches) 239,841 63,840 73% less volume!
Power Con-sumption (kW) 20.0 11.8 41% less power con-sumption!
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