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Millimeter Wave Leadership

Comtech Xicom has led in the design and production of millimeter wave TWTAs.

Ka-Band Xicom has been shipping high power Ka-band amplifiers since 1997. We have shipped more than 2000 Ka-band amplifiers to military and commercial customers around the globe. We can offer CW amplifiers for TT&C as well as peak amplifiers for multi-channel communications. We offer both outdoor mounted and indoor products to meet our customers’ needs.

Q-Band Comtech Xicom is the world leader in Q-band HPAs. We have 50, 120, 140 and 200W products. As well as a dual-band Ka/Q band amplifier. We have full mil qualification.

V-Band is an emerging frequency of interest due to the vast available bandwidth and the availability of V-band hardware. Comtech Xicom offers a 250W V-Band amplifier for gateway service.

Redundancy and Power Combining Systems – Xicom can design and product 1:1, 1:2 and power combined systems for your millimeter wave programs Split-boxes and Liquid-cooling – To maximize transmitted power we can collaborate with customers to develop novel approaches to mounting and cooling amplifiers. Please contact Xicom to discuss your requirements.

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