Redundancy Systems & Controllers

Customers require high power and high availability. Xicom offers many redundancy systems to maximize network performance. Our engineering team is ready to help design and build the system that is right for your application. All systems feature ethernet-based redundancy control via a touchscreen user interface. 

Ku-band four-amp VPC power combined systemStandard products are available for indoor and outdoor amplifiers. Our two amp solutions include: 1:1, 1+1 hybrid, 1+1 switch-around and 1+1 VPC, and variable phase combined configurations. For more than 2 amplifiers we offer 1:2, 1:2 hybrid combined, 4 amp with VPC combining and 4 amp continuous power solutions. Many custom solutions are also available.

750 watt 1:2 redundancy system protects both polarizations with a back-up amplifier

Redundancy Systems

Outdoor redundancy systems provide power combining and protection for critical traffic.


Xicom products are designed for practical operation. All are available with a local controller and a web-based GUI. We interface with all NMS systems via ethernet.

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