Xicom supports space exploration with a broad line of high-power amplifiers (HPAs). From S-band to X-band to Ku-band to K-band to Ka-band, Xicom has been serving global space agencies. 

HPAs Optimized for Space Communications

NASA has been collaborating with Xicom to keep their links optimized and available. We have indoor and outdoor amplifiers and redundancy systems specifically addressing this market.  S-band, X-band, Ku-Band, K-band amplifiers. Contact Xicom for more details.

The direct benefits of [space] exploration include the generation of scientific knowledge, the diffusion of innovation and creation of markets, the inspiration of people around the world, and agreements forged between the countries engaged in exploration. Indirect benefits include enhancements to the quality of life such as improved economic prosperity, health, environmental quality, safety, and security. They also include philosophical benefits such as a deepened understanding and new perspectives on humankind’s individual and collective place in the Universe.”

Benefits Stemming from Space Exploration

Civil Space
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Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded $2.2 Million of Follow-on Contracts for Military satcom TWTAs.  Read More >

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