Touchscreen TWTAs

Xicom’s line of rack-mounted touchscreen TWTAs are employed in broadcast and teleport applications around the globe. The LCD touch screen control front panel provides an easy-to-use interface for monitoring and controlling the amplifier. The touch screen front panel displays the HPA’s operational status, including power output and temperature, graphical displays of parameter trend analysis, and event logs. Local and remote diagnostics can also be easily performed via an Ethernet interface.

This display eliminates the need for separate external controllers for common architectures. Another valuable feature is that all operational data is saved within the amplifier’s non-volatile memory, providing a complete history of the HPA in the event that the unit needs service or repair.

Product Features and Options

ModelBandFrequency (GHz)TWT Power (W)Flange Power (W)SizeWeight (lbs)Amp Data SheetBUC Data Sheet
XTRT-400CC-band5.85 to 6.4254003503RU56Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-400CC-band5.85 to 6.654003503RU56Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-400CC-band5.85 to 6.7254003503RU56Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-400CC-band5.85 to 7.0254003503RU56Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-750CC-band5.85 to 6.4257506504RU75Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-750CC-band5.85 to 6.657506504RU75Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-750CC-band5.85 to 6.7257506504RU75Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-750CC-band5.85 to 7.0257506504RU75Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTRT-750CC-band6.725-7.0257506504RU75Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-2000CC-band5.85 to 6.4252250200013RU180Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-2000CC-band5.85-6.7252250200013RU180Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-2000CHEC-band5.85 to 6.4252250100013RU180Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-2000CHEC-band5.85-6.7252250100013RU180Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-400XX-band7.9 to 8.44003503RU56Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-750XX-band7.9 to 8.47506504RU75Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-2000XX-band7.9 to 8.42250200013RU215Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-2500XX-band7.9 to 8.42500225013RU215Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-400KKu-band12.75-13.254003503RU56Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTRT-400KKu-band12.75-14.54003503RU56Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-400KKu-band12.75-14.84003503RU56Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTRT-400KKu-band13.75-14.54003503RU56Download PDFDownload PDF
XTRT-400KKu-band13.75-14.84003503RU56Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTRT-750KHEKu-band13.75-14.57503553RU56Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-750KKu-band12.75-13.257506504RU75Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTRT-750KKu-band12.75-14.57506504RU75Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-750KKu-band12.75-14.87506504RU75Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTRT-750KKu-band13.75-14.57506504RU75Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-750KKu-band13.75-14.87506504RU75Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTRT-1250KHEKu-band13.75-14.512506754RU78Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-1250KHEKu-band12.75-14.512506754RU78Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-500DBSDBS-band17.3-18.15004154RU75Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-500DBSDBS-band17.3-18.44503804RU75Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTRT-750DBSDBS-band17.3-18.17506504RU75Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-750DBSDBS-band17.3-18.47506504RU75Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTRT-1250DBSHEDBS-band17.3-18.112505604RU95Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-1250DBSHEDBS-band17.3-18.412505604RU95Download PDFContact Factory
XRT-500KaKa-band27.5-305004153RU58Contact FactoryContact Factory
XTRT-500KaKa-band28-315004153RU58Download PDFContact Factory
XTRT-550KaLKa-band27.5-305502403RU58Contact FactoryContact Factory

"These amplifiers feature an intuitive user interface that guides a user through whatever they’re trying to achieve.  A person can jump into a screen-based task and know what to do with tabs, menus, and buttons to navigate in orderly steps that make sense to them.  The control is also easy to access remotely via a browser to be pulled up on any connected computer or device at any time. The control software is responsive and delivers immediate results in real-time."

Indoor Touch Screen TWTAs
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