Premier Supplier of High Power Amplifiers (HPAs) for Satellite Communications (satcom)

Comtech Xicom Technology, Inc. is the world’s leading satellite communications (satcom) uplink power amplifier supplier, offering the broadest product line in the industry.


Xicom is the leading HPA supplier to commercial satcom uplinks. We offer high-reliability products for the following applications.

Military / Government

Military satellite communications depends on Xicom for high-efficiency uplink TWTAs, SSPAs and BUCs.

Our Products

Airborne HPAs

High Power Amplifiers for any critical communications link, ground, air, and sea. We can customize a solution for you or choose from our standard products.


Xicom GaN-based SSPAs and BUCs have industry leading efficiency to minimize size weight and power consumption. They are rugged and reliable making them ideal for harsh environments.

Outdoor TWTAs

Xicom is the TWTA market leader. From C-band to V-band Xicom has highly efficient and linear TWTAs to meet your needs. We have traditional air cooled HPAs and new liquid cooled models. We pioneered multi-band TWTAs and offer a broad range of amplifiers covering multiple satcom bands.

Indoor HPAs

Xicom has a broad range of indoor TWTAs and KPAs from 400 Watts to 3KW. All Xicom amplifiers have a built-in touchscreen controller.

Redundancy Systems & Controllers

Xicom has a wide variety of indoor and outdoor power combining and redundancy systems. Our engineers are available to create the system and controller to match

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"If you need a sleek, powerful SSPA or BUC to speed up your transportable terminal -- you need a Puma!"


“Secure assured bandwidth is more important than bullets to fight in future war. We need to provide transformational, game-changing capabilities for our warfighters, diversify our networks and services across military purpose-built, commercial, civil and international space providers, … [and have] redundant provisioning of satcom services.”

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