Comtech Xicom Technology has developed compact, rugged, efficient, lightweight solid-state amplifiers optimized for transportable applications. We are collaborating with our customers to maximize amplifier efficiency, to minimize amplifier size and weight while extending battery life.

Our highly modular solutions can integrate into mobile antenna assemblies. They are capable of very high-temperature environments making these amplifiers ideal for radome applications.

Engineering Robust Solutions for Mobility

Comtech Xicom is the place to turn for robust mobility solutions. Our SSPAs and BUCs are employed in land, sea and airborne applications. We can offer hermetic packages and high ambient temperature solutions in mechanical designs that integrate into your antenna assembly.

"On-the-Move [networks] enable mobile mission command; robust, secure reliable voice, video and data communications; and a real-time common operating picture from anywhere on the battlefield. They enable Soldiers operating in remote and challenging terrain to maintain network communications while on patrol, with connectivity similar to that of a stationary command post. Using both line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight for optimal network connectivity, these configurations deliver a global, mobile, resilient, redundant tactical communications network."

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