LEOs and MEOs hold the promise of delivering high-speed internet to unserved areas of the globe. Ka-band and Q/V band assure broad bandwidths and the satellites’ lower orbital path assures low latency and a smaller footprint.

High Power and Low Price for Landing Station Applications

LEO constellations are projected to be in the thousands of satellites communicating with thousands of landing stations installed around the glove. A critical component in the landing station is the BUC. Xicom has developed high-performance, high-reliability and low-cost Ka-band BUCs for landing station applications. 

Single Band and Multi-Band Compact BUC Solutions

Customers are requiring broad band and high-power BUCs for their Gateway solutions.  Typical applications can require more than 20 Watts of linear power and more than 1 GHz of bandwidth in multi-carrier configurations, with enhanced phase noise and linearity requirements to support high throughput. Xicom has developed customized solutions to minimize cost while maximizing performance and reliability.  

"The new LEO-satellite concepts, which orbit 500 to 2,000 kilometers from Earth, offer faster communications (they have lower latency) and often provide higher bandwidth per user than GEO satellites do—even more than cable, copper, and pre-5G fixed wireless."

LEO/MEO Constellations
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LEO/MEO Satellites Poised to Make a Mark in Military Sector
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