Military/Government Applications

Xicom’s line of high-power amplifiers (HPAs) are employed in military communications applications around the globe. From transportable, to airborne applications, Xicom leads the way for high-quality, state-of-the-art TWT and SSPA designs. Our HPA designs will meet your most demanding requirements for size, weight, efficiency and high reliability.

Strategic Communication

From missile defense to secure communications, the armed services count on Xicom’s X-band, Ka-band and Q-band amplifiers.

Trailers & Transportable Networks

Comms on the pause applications count on Xicom for lightweight, efficient and easy-to-use HPAs.


Comtech Xicom Technology has developed compact, rugged, efficient, lightweight solid-state amplifiers optimized for transportable applications. We are collaborating with our customers to maximize amplifier efficiency, to minimize amplifier size and weight, while extending battery life.

Airborne & Datalinks

Comtech Xicom has also developed extensive airborne traveling wave tube amplifier (TWTA) capabilities to become a leading supplier of high-power, millimeter wave airborne power amplifiers, including those for challenging strategic military environments.

Civil Space

Xicom has been supporting NASA with HPAs for the ground-based relay network. We are working with various bidders for the communications systems for the Artemis moon mission.


Microwave and RF radiation are critical starting points to generate plasmas for research.
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