Comtech Xicom is the world leader in Q-band HPAs. We serve military customers with ground-based and airborne systems. We also have a broad array of very high-power multi-amp systems.  In all bands from L-band to Ka-band, we can provide high linear and saturated power with redundant soft-fail systems.

Continuous Power Systems

Xicom provides multi-amp soft-fail solutions for indoor and outdoor applications delivering multi-kilowatts of power with very high availability at almost any frequency from 1.7 GHz to 31 GHz.

High Power for Critical Applications

Government customers need power to support their waveforms and assure that their communications get through. Xicom has almost two decades of Q-band experience with ground-based and airborne military platforms.

We also have provided multi-amp TWTA-based solutions within and outside the ‘traditional’ satellite bands.  

When it really matters, pick Comtech Xicom.

"satcom provides survivable communications for Presidential support and nuclear command and control, and affords national and military leaders a means to maintain strategic situational awareness and convey their intent to the Joint Force Commander."

Vision for Satellite Communications

Strategic Communication
Major General Wiliam Liquori Jr.
Continuous Power Systems

This white paper describes the size, weight and efficiency benefits of always-on continuous power systems and the automatic adjustments as one amplifier is taken off-line. 


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