Satellite operators have deployed networks of geostationary (GEO) satellites to serve customers no matter where they are located. All of the leading global satellite service providers count on Xicom for reliability and performance. From direct-to-home (DTH) to gateway services, Xicom amplifiers are providing high power and excellent linearity for multi-carrier operation.

Indoor, Outdoor and Liquid-Cooled Redundant HPA for Gateway Service

Satellite operators need to maximize traffic. Higher linear powers enable more bits per Hertz. Xicom amplifiers are optimized for performance and reliability. Indoor amplifiers feature a built-in touchscreen remote controller. Outdoor amplifiers are designed for easy maintenance including liquid cooling for reliable and quiet 24/7 operation. 

Multi-amp Redundancy Systems Boost Power While Improving Availability

Xicom amplifiers are available with redundancy and power combining networks to assure availability and throughput. Our engineer can work with you to develop custom solutions to meet your needs.


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