For 50 years, satellites have been bringing news and sporting events directly into living rooms as they happen. Xicom’s line of high-power amplifiers (HPAs) are employed in broadcast and teleport applications around the globe.

Redundant Indoor and Outdoor Amplifiers to Meet Your Needs

Xicom is known for high-quality, state-of-the-art TWTA and SSPA designs that meet the reliability and availability demands of broadcasters. We have a large selection of C-band and Ku-band amplifiers optimized for broadcast applications. We have SSPAs and TWTAs in 1:1, 1+1, 1:2 and variable phase combined (VPC) systems. All amplifiers are available with a touch screen controller, making set-up and operation quick and easy.

Rapid Delivery and 24/7 Support

News and sports don’t stop, and we know you can’t rest either. Xicom maintains inventory of all key parts and assemblies to rapidly build and delivery the exact amplifier that you require. Whether you are managing a fixed site or an SNG/fly-away operation, you can count on us. We maintain 24-hour support and a loaner stock of key models


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