IP data transmission is becoming the largest segment of satellite transmission. Xicom is a leader in high-power amplifiers (HPAs) for high throughput satellite (HTS) gateway applications. From 1250W TWTAs at Ku-band to 250W TWTAs at V-band we offer more choices for GEO and LEO/MEO systems.

TWTA Leadership

Xicom TWTAs have been uplinking HTS signals for the beginning. Our 500W Ka-band TWTAs are used in almost every system globally. Recently we’ve increased the Ka-band power to 650W and are shipping dozens of 250W V-band amplifiers.


"Euroconsult estimates that approximately 130 HTS satellites will be launched in the next eight years. Each HTS satellite requires roughly one gateway for each time the frequency is reused in both polarizations. As a result, thousands of new gateways will be required to support all this new bandwidth."

High Throughput Satellite (HTS) Gateways
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