Commercial Applications

Xicom’s line of high-power amplifiers (HPAs) are ideal for commercial applications.

From high throughput (HTS) to inflight connectivity (IFC), Xicom is known worldwide for high-quality designs to meet your most demanding requirements for size, weight, and high reliability.

We have the world’s broadest line of TWTAs from C-band through V-band with powers up to 2000W. Our amplifiers are available for indoor and outdoor applications including liquid cooled outdoor HPAs.

We have developed a wide array of DC and AC powered SSPAs and BUC for transportable and fixed applications including Ka-band LEO service.

Airborne/In-Flight Connectivity

These high data-rate satcom terminals require compact, lightweight, efficient, and robust amplifiers in order to meet user needs. DO-160 certified HPAs and BUCs are available at Ku-band and Ka-band.

HTS Gateway

New TWTAs and systems offer extreme high power to increase your capacity and save operational expenses. See the latest products from Ku-band, Ka-band and Q/V band for HTS service.

LEO/MEO Constellations

LEO Networks demand the highest performance at the lowest cost.

Satellite Operators

Global satellite service providers count on Xicom for reliability and performance. From direct-to-home (DTH) to gateway services, Xicom amplifiers are providing high-power and excellent linearity for multi-carrier operation.

News & Broadcast

Xicom amplifiers are a key component to video contribution and distribution. News, sports and network television use Xicom C-band and Ku-band amplifiers around the globe.


Ku-band and DBS band amplifiers are available from Xicom. Our highly efficient TWTAs are up to 85% more efficient than klystron amplifiers, offering significant savings in operational expenses.


Connectivity is a key part of leisure enjoyment. Xicom SSPAs and BUCs are rugged enough to meet performance expectations, even in radomes.

Scientific, Medical & Industrial

TWTAs are not just for satellite communications; medical applications can benefit from their high-volume manufacturing and quality as a good source of microwave energy.

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