Xicom Technology Bobcat Compact Antenna Mount BUCs
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Introducing the new Bobcat line of really small but powerful BUCs to shrink your terminal footprint and speed up your link

New Industry-Leading GaN Bobcat Products

Designed for compact portable terminals needing high power from very small packages operating in challenging environments, Bobcat’s are high-performance, DC-powered, feed-mount outdoor BUCs with outsized features including extensive data logging, easy-to-use web-based GUI, ethernet SNMP (v1 or v3), and interchangeability between X, Ku and Ka-bands. From the Bobcat 64Ku in 4.5 lbs on up, these BUCs provide high linear power density for the most demanding pack-up satcom terminal applications. These BUCs are:

  • Small and light  4lb to 10 lb feed-mount packages
  • Powerful  16W up to 50W linear power per MIL-STD-188-164
  • Efficient  Low power draw, optional battery save and keyline modes
  • Rugged  -40C to +60C, MIL-STD-810 environment
  • Flexible  Interchangeable X-, Ku- and Ka-band Bobcats Options for multiple Ka-bands, and SNMP v3

The new product line includes the Bobcat 50X (25 Watt linear X-band); the Bobcat 64Ku (32 Watt linear Ku-band); and the Bobcat 32Ka (16 Watt linear Ka-band BUC), each in about 110 cu in and weighing 4 to 5 lbs. Even in this small package you don’t have to give up on features. The 5-pound Bobcats still have extensive attenuation control and calibration capability, data logging and web GUI availability, and security features such as the optional SNMP v3 implementation.

If you want the most capable little BUC out there -- you need a Bobcat!

Bobcat Compact Feed Mount BUCs

Model Power Output (W) Weight In Pounds BUC Data Sheet
Bobcat 40X 20W Linear 5.3 Download PDF 
Bobcat 50X  25W Linear 5.3 Download PDF 
XTS-40X-B1 32W Linear 10 Request Data sheet
XTSLIN-50X-B1 50W Linear 10 Download PDF
Bobcat 64K 32W Linear 4.5 Download PDF
LGAN PS1G-50Ku  50W Linear 14 Download PDF
Bobcat 32Ka  16W Linear 4.5 Download PDF 

  • Low Cost Operation
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Single-band and Multi-band Block Up-Converter (BUC)
  • High Efficiency
  • Weatherized for -40°C to +60°C Operation
  • Internal RF Filters and M&C System


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